Y- Type/2 Way/3 Way Type Diverter

Intech Engineers is known as one of the foremost 2 Way And 3 Way Y Type Diverter Manufacturers In Noida. These diverter valves whether it is 2 Way Y Type Diverter or 3 Way Y Type Diverter have the main purpose of combining or splitting process media into different streams. They can do anything from splitting one large process line into smaller lines to keeping one line in service while sustaining another. The simplest form of diverter valve will have one inlet and two outlets and, we manufacture everything from simple forms to complex ones. we strictly adhere to industry standards and double-check the quality of our Bucket Elevator before sending them to the end customer.

Advantages Of Using Our Y Type Diverter Valves:

  • Flexible And Efficient - They can be used for various applications and perform with equal efficiency at each of them. Our innovative designs make them even more efficient in their working.
  • Suitable For Different Conditions - They can easily withstand high moisture, corrosive or abrasive conditions. These valves are used in chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.
  • Easy To Clean - Valves like these are easy to clean and don’t require much time to do it.

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