Our products have always been appreciated by our clients for their fresh approach and impeccable engineering. Over the years, we have gained considerable expertise in manufacturing different types of products and the flawless finishing gives them the final touch of perfection. Intech Engineers is counted among the renowned Screw Conveyor Manufacturers in Noida.

In our in-house manufacturing facility, we use cutting-edge technology and highly functional machinery to make products of unmatched quality. Whether it is a Bucket Elevator or a Filter Bag, one thing is common in them - their impeccable quality. Our name is taken among the distinguished Fuel Handling Plant and Dust Collector Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers in India.

We use state-of-the-art technology in our products and our Sequential Timer is a perfect example of that unrivalled technology. We follow a stringent process for manufacturing our products; every product goes through steps of designing, development and quality testing to ensure the best quality. Feel free to call us at any moment to know more.

Coal Handling Plant Manufacturers
Coal Handling Plant

Intech Engineers is one of the most renowned Coal Handling Plant Manufacturers In Noida. Our handling system can significantly boost your production capacity and effectiveness of your daily operation.

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Fuel Handling Plant Manufacturers
Fuel Handling Plant

Our systems are widely used in various power plants across the country. Intech Engineers is counted among the most trusted Fuel Handling Plant Manufacturers In Noida.

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Ash Handling Plant Manufacturers
Ash Handling Plant

Being one of the prominent Ash Handling Plant Manufacturers In Noida, Intech Engineers is dedicated to provide its clients premium quality handling systems.

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Biomass And Baggage Handling System Manufacturers
Biomass And Baggage Handling System

Intech Engineers is notable among the eminent Biomass Handling System Manufacturers in Noida. Our biomass handling solutions will help you in effectively processing and conveying all types of biomass.

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Belt Conveyor Manufacturers
Belt Conveyor

Conveyors are used to convey or carry a wide variety of bulk materials along horizontal or slightly inclined paths whether it is in a factory shed or in outdoor work.

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Chain Conveyor Manufacturers
Chain Conveyor

Most of the industries are dependent on efficient conveyors to transport material and finished products. Industries are switching to chain conveyors for this task as they do it with ease.

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Screw Conveyor Manufacturers
Screw Conveyor

They are used in thousands of industries for a wide range of applications. These conveyors are one of the most popular ways for bulk material handling.

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Air Slide Manufacturers
Air Slide

Air slide conveyors are used to convey a great variety of fine-grained bulk solids at a very low speed. They are used for multiple materials like Fly Ash, Gypsum, Iron Powder or Cement.

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Spiral Chute Manufacturers
Spiral Chute

The conveyors are the simplest example of conveyors that are gravity-operated. Intech Engineers is one of the topmost Spiral Chute Manufacturers In Noida.

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Bucket Elevator Manufacturers
Bucket Elevator

It is one of the most efficient ways of elevating bulk materials. Intech Engineers is one of the most trusted Bucket Elevator Manufacturers In Noida.

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Knife Gate Valve Manufacturers
Knife Gate Valve

Intech Engineers is notable among the foremost Knife Gate Valve Manufacturers In Noida. Our products are highly appreciated in the market for their impeccable quality and excellent functioning.

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Truck Loading System Manufacturers
Truck Loading System

We all want the best loading systems when it comes to handling material smartly and efficiently. Intech Engineers has recognized this requirement and provide best loading system for your facility.

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Vibrating Screen Manufacturers
Vibrating Screen

These screens are one of the most important screening machines utilised in several industries, primarily in mineral processing. Intech Engineers is established among the highly reliable Vibrating Screen Manufacturers In Noida.

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Industrial Slide Gate Valve Manufacturers
Industrial Slide Gate Valve

Intech Engineers has earned a name for being one of the topmost Industrial Slide Gate Valve Manufacturers In Noida. Unlike knife Gate Valves, Slide Gates are fitted into the system to handle dry bulk powders, granules and pellets.

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Multi Louver Damper Manufacturers
Multi Louver Damper

The louver type of damper is comprised of many blades mounted parallel across a duct. These blades rotate on their central shaft and are connected through linkages.

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Flow Control Gate Manufacturers
Flow Control Gate

These gates are engineered to adjust and meter the flow of fine and dry fluidized solids in different extractions. They are particularly suitable for those purposes where the area under the silo is limited and anything else cannot be used.

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Rotary Air Lock Valve Manufacturers
Rotary Air Lock Valve

In case of dust collection, the air is locked by this Rotary Air Lock Valve. It is useful for feeding of powdery or granular materials and controlled discharging from silos, pneumatic conveying systems, hoppers, bag filter houses.

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Y- Type/2 Way/3 Way Type Diverter Manufacturers
Y- Type/2 Way/3 Way Type Diverter

Intech Engineers is known as one of the foremost 2 Way And 3 Way Y Type Diverter Manufacturers In Noida.

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Air Washer Manufacturers
Air Washer

Our Air Washer are engineered to improve the air quality significantly. They are used to cool and clean the hot and humid air to keep the environment consistent.

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Dust Collector Manufacturers
Dust Collector

This system is used to elevate the quality of air released from commercial and industrial processes. They collect impurities and dust from the air and are engineered to deal with huge amounts of dust loads.

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Filter Bag Manufacturers
Filter Bag

As the company grows, you must pay more focus to the environment around your facility. Industries have to work under regulations and set standards, the Filter Bag is a filtrations system designed to help you in that endeavor.

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Filter Cage Manufacturers
Filter Cage

Cages support the dust collector bags and prevent them from any damage or from collapsing on themselves. So, it won’t be wrong to say these cages are important for optimum filter bag performance and long life.

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Sequential Timer Manufacturers
Sequential Timer

This timer is also known as a sequencer and, it helps in energizing and de-energizing multiple outputs at the same time.

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Pulse Jet Solenoid Valve Manufacturers
Pulse Jet Solenoid Valve

Intech Engineers is widely recognized as one of the most dependable Pulse Jet Solenoid Valve Manufacturers In Noida. These valves are used in filtering system of dust collectors.

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Fabrication Manufacturers

Intech Engineers is notable among the leading companies for Fabrication Services In Delhi. The structures that we offer are highly appreciated by our clients.

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Compost Machine

Intech Engineers is one of the foremost and a leading Compost Machine Manufacturers In India. Compost material offers many advantages in a commercial as well as a residential landscape.

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