Industrial Slide Gate Valve

Intech Engineers has earned a name for being one of the topmost Industrial Slide Gate Valve Manufacturers In Noida. Unlike knife Gate Valves, Slide Gates are fitted into the system to handle dry bulk powders, granules and pellets. An Industrial Slide Gate Valve is a type of valve used in industrial applications to control the flow of liquids and bulk materials. It features a sliding gate that moves vertically within the valve body, opening or closing off the flow path as desired. These valves are designed for durability and reliability in demanding industrial environments, and are commonly used in industries such as mining, cement, and power generation. They provide precise flow control and are typically made from high-quality materials to withstand harsh operating conditions. Mostly, they are not open or exposed to people, which makes it much more secure than other systems. They are highly resistant to any wear and tear. They are not designed to stop or seal liquids and that’s why they are not airtight.

Benefits Of Using Our Industrial Slide Gate Valves:

  • Constant Contact - The plate and disc always remain in contact and it is ensured that there is no so-called ‘valve chatter’. It also provides great stability and makes sure that there isn’t much mechanical wear.
  • Low Maintenance - Most of its parts are moving and, they are not screwed or pressed. It makes the removal of these parts very easy and consequently, they prove to be easy to maintain.
  • Seat Material - Their sturdy design and optimum grade materials are used in manufacturing these products, which makes them highly resistant to any damage.

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