Intech Engineers

Intech Engineers was established in 1996 by Mr. S.K. Tyagi with the sole aim of providing excellent material handling solutions to different industries. We have made significant progress in all these years and, our dedication has led us to the forefront of leading Industrial Air Washer Manufacturers. Mr. Tyagi’s ideas and determination have brought the company into a situation where the engineers and employees can freely apply their creativity in finding innovative solutions that can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our products.

Our Vision

Our company manufactures and supplies different products ranging from Chain Conveyor to Sequential Timer. Keeping this exquisite range in mind, we have always strived to improve our products and their functioning by constantly engaging with our clients. Our process makes us different as we stay in touch with the regularly changing demands of the industry and improve our products accordingly. Our proximity to the current requirements of our clients has helped us in always staying ahead of the curve and, it will always be an integral part of our vision to elevate this company to higher platforms.

Our Vision
Why Us?"Why Us?

Why Us?

We always try to innovate and find new ways to approach the same problem. At the core of our company’s values is an unflinching desire to assist our clients in handling their material with more efficiency in a cost-effective way. It has been a direct cause of our reputation of being one of the most trusted Vibrating Screen Exporters and Suppliers in India. Our robust Dust Filter Bag is also a reflection of those values. Buy our products to experience this excellence.